Alexandria Education Convention For Intercultural And Democratic Citizenship

This programme would aim to promote and raise the awareness of universal values of human rights, democracy and the rights and responsibilities as citizens; increase democratic attitudes, skills, participation and intercultural citizenship within the Euromed societies





Call For Participation

In line with the mission of the Anna Lindh Foundation, ALF, and the Swedish Institute Alexandria, SwedAlex to promote intercultural dialogue among the people of the Euro-Mediterranean region, education for intercultural learning represents a priority their programmes of activity. Furthermore in light of the social and political transformations that are taking place in the Euromed region, it is crucial to prepare the new generations to live in societies that become more and more pluralistic and culturally diverse.

On 30 and 31 October 2011, the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Swedish Institute are organizing in Alexandria the first edition of the Alexandria Annual Education Convention on the theme “Education for Intercultural and Democratic Citizenship”. The main objective of the Convention is to lay the basis for the development of an education programme for intercultural and democratic citizenship targeting both the formal and informal educational systems building on existing programmes, initiatives and tools.

This programme would aim to promote and raise the awareness of universal values of human rights, democracy and the rights and responsibilities as citizens; increase democratic attitudes, skills, participation and intercultural citizenship within the Euromed societies; increase and promote a pluralistic understanding and approach in the formal and informal education in the Euromed region.

Venue and Date:

Alexandria, Egypt,  30-31 October 2011

Thematic Focus:

Within the overall theme of the Convention “Education for intercultural and democratic citizenship in the Euro-Mediterranean region” the following topics are to be discussed and will form the basis for the development of education activities and training programmes in the Euro-Mediterranean region:

Education for a democratic, inclusive and pluralistic outlook: 

Responding to the current democratic quests and developments in the region there is a growing need to develop democratic knowledge, attitudes and skills in the formal and informal educational system. Dialogue regarding the responsibility of the state (policy makers and decision-makers), civil society representatives, community leaders, youth leaders and educators is a priority.

Intercultural education and religious awareness: 

Forming the new generations to values of openness, critical thinking, empathy, respect for other cultures and curiosity towards the others is an essential element for the success of any dialogue project. In this context it is very important to focus on the religious dimension by working through the conflicts arising from the“instrumentalization” of religion.

Teaching human rights and spreading a culture of participation: 

There is a window of opportunity for applying intercultural citizenship and learn how to apply human rights in everyday situations as well as developing a culture of active participation in society among young people. Among others, it could be interesting to tackle the issue of globalism and intercultural citizenship and raise awareness on universal human rights, local civil and political rights and responsibilities and spread a culture of participation,dialogue, social responsibility and dialogue with a specific focus to the Euromed space.


The Alexandria Education Convention will be structured around plenary sessions and working groups to discuss about the concepts of education for intercultural citizenship and democratic participation, to assess existing tools and practices and discuss recommendations for concrete proposals to develop training programmes, advocacy work, and adapt existing resources.


Multipliers representing civil society, educators, researchers and activists, policy-makers and decision-makers, community/religious/youth-leaders from one of the countries of the Union for the Mediterranean   are invited to participate in the Alexandria Education Convention. Between 25-30 participants will be selected through this Call and an equal balance between European and southern Mediterranean participants will be ensured. Participants should express an interest to act as multiplier of the programme and be involved in future activities for the promotion of education for intercultural and democratic citizenship.

Application and Selection Process:

Educators, civil society activists, representative of educational institutions and decision-makers interested in participating in the Alexandria Education Convention should fill in the below application and send it back by mail by 15 September 2011. Selected participants will be notified by 20 September and their travel and accommodation arranged by the organizers (arrival date foreseen on 29 October 2011).

Download this file (Application_Education_Convention_EN.doc)Application[ ]150 Kb

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