Sauvé Scholars Program

Deadline: November 1, 2011


Sauvé Scholars are highly motivated independent thinkers between 23 and 31 years of age with demonstrated skills as agents of change, who are offered a unique opportunity to spend nine months away from their studies, careers or other formal commitments, for a period of reflection and self-realization – both personal and professional.


In August of each year, up to 14 young men and women from around the world gather inMontreal – one of North America’s most vibrant international, multicultural cities – to embark on a rewarding personal and intellectual program combining reflection, study, travel and community engagement along with participation in conferences, seminars, cultural and sports events.

The academic home of the Sauvé Scholars is internationally-renowned McGill University, in the heart of Montreal, where the student body of about 33,000 includes students from some 160 countries. Through a formal Memorandum of Understanding, Sauvé Scholars enjoy a unique status at McGill: they may audit courses at the undergraduate or post-graduate level (but not for credit) and may participate in the array of university activities and facilities for every taste and interest.

In addition, the Sauvé Scholars enjoy an enriching private program of seminars with eminent journalists, political figures and leaders in business, academia and the arts.

Each Scholar is expected to undertake a new project in his or her chosen field – for example, arts, advocacy, business, communications, government or research – or complete one that is underway. Scholars are also invited to participate in some form of social or civic engagement for the benefit of the Montreal community.

The Sauvé Scholars live together in beautifully restored Jeanne Sauvé House in the historic area that surrounds the McGill campus. Communal life and multi-faceted exchanges with the other Scholars add an incomparable international human dimension to the Sauvé experience.

Since the arrival of the first cohort in 2003, the Sauvé Scholars Program has welcomed 114 Scholars from 47 different countries.

The absence of pressure from academic or professional deadlines allows the Scholars to research, question, enlarge and act on their understanding of the world by expanding their intellectual, professional cultural horizons through a program of activities, individualized mentoring and vibrant exchanges in their communal home, Sauvé House. It is an opportunity to assess what they have accomplished to date, reflect on their future activities, and explore their innate leadership qualities that

will help them to effect change in the world.



Yes, if you are:


  • Between 23 and 30 years old on 31 December 2011
  • A highly motivated self-starter
  • A committed agent of change
  • Fluent in English


Yes, if you have:


  • A minimum of 2-3 years of professional and/or work experience (paid or unpaid). Experience may include positions in a volunteer or internship capacity
  • Completed your undergraduate education, or the equivalent, by 31 July 2011 (advanced degrees are welcome but not a requirement)
  • A record of accomplishment and ability to meet challenges
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities
  • Proven communications skills
  • A highly developed curiosity about the world
  • A strong interest in international and domestic issues
  • An eagerness to engage with the complex issues of the day


Yes, if you possess these qualities:


  • Initiative
  • Vision
  • Imagination
  • Determination to achieve your goals


Yes, if you are seeking the time and opportunity to:


  • Grow, both personally and professionally
  • Enhance your ability to effect change
  • Undertake or complete an important project or field of study


How to apply:


To initiate the application process, please complete the Basic Information Form online.


Once you have successfully submitted the Basic Information Form, you will automatically receive an E-mail from the Sauvé Scholars Selection Committee confirming that you have initiated an Application. That E-mail will contain your Applicant Code, the Application Form, which you, the Applicant, must complete and submit, the Nomination Form, which must be completed by someone who is not related to you and who knows you in an academic, professional or personal capacity, as well as further instructions about the First Stage of the Application Process.


Once you have initiated an Application by submitting the Basic Information Form, there are three stages in the Application Process, as follows:



Nominators must submit the Nomination Form and Applicants must submit the Application Form, including four Personal Statements. All materials may be submitted in English or French.

Nomination Form:

The Nomination Form must be completed and submitted by the individual who nominates the Applicant to be a Sauvé Scholar. This person may be a teacher/professor, colleague/ mentor/ peer or anyone else chosen by the Applicant, but may not be a member of his/her immediate family. It is recommended that Applicants immediately secure the Nominator`s consent, and forward the Nomination Form to him/her. The Nomination Form includes instructions for the Nominator on how to submit the completed form electronically. The Application will be not be considered unless the Nomination Form is submitted by the Application Deadline.

Application Form:

Please note that the Selection Committee looks for clear, concise and compelling personal statements, as Candidates are chosen on the basis of (1) what they have accomplished and (2) what they propose to do during the course of the Program. The Application Form requires Applicants to write Personal Statements in response to the following four questions:

a) PERSONAL STATEMENT (maximum 500 words)
Please provide a short statement telling the Selection Committee about yourself in order to demonstrate your value as an asset and contributor to the Program. In outlining your personal history, experience and achievements, you should address how you would benefit from the unique opportunities of the Sauvé Scholars Program at this moment in your life.

b) VISION OF CHANGE (maximum four sentences)
Jeanne Sauvé, former Governor General of Canada and Founder of the Sauvé Scholars Program once said: ``Leaders must dream of changing the world. They must have an inspired vision of the changes they want to make and be prepared to consecrate all their energy to that purpose.`` In four sentences or less, what is the specific Vision of Change that you would like to launch as a Sauvé Scholar and to pursue afterwards?

c) INDIVIDUAL PROJECT PROPOSAL (maximum 500 words)
The Individual Project is a central element of the Sauvé Scholars Program. Please provide a clear and concise statement about what you plan to achieve — personally, professionally and/or academically — during the course of the Program and explain how it relates to your past experience and to your Vision of Change.

The living experience is an integral part of the Sauvé Scholars Program. Please explain why you would like to live in a community of Scholars and what you think it would bring you at this stage in your life, and what you think you could contribute to the living and learning experiences of your fellow Scholars.

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