Empowering Women II: Gender equality and the third sector

deadline:31 January, 2012

This partnership building seminar will focus on the concept of "empowerment " circumscribed in the wide area of the third sector.It will overview the different approaches in the third sectors- realties (community and voluntary sectors, etc)

Aims and objectives

- facilitating the networking process among participants and promoting new common projects.
- letting participants deepening the topic of empowerment in the third sector (precisely in NGOs)
- deepening the analysis of the realities of empowerment in NGOs in the four regions (EU + MEDA + SEE + EECA)
- enquiring on the effective gender equality inside the third sector and participants’ NGOs
- giving hints on practical methods for reaching an effective empowerment in and outside the organisations (gender budgeting, gender sensitive internal rules, quotas, flexible working hours, e-work...).
- getting a direct touch with the external environment, with organizations and bodies with strong connections with the thematic
sharing experiences and best practices in the field

Date and Venue:

26-31 March 2012 | Paris, France

Target group

- Youth workers, trainers belonging to organisations or bodies dealing with the thematic.

- Coming from EU and the three regions (MEDA + SEE + EECA)

- A gender balance would be REALLY appreciated (or at least a significant male participation)

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