Rockstart Accelerator Program

Rockstart _AcceleratorDeadline: 31 Jan, 2012

Rockstart Accelerator is a new program that helps the most promising teams from around the world to launch their startups and break through on a global scale, We provide seed investment, 6-months of office space, 99 mentors, coaching by entrepreneurs in residence and a 3-week road-trip to Silicon Valley.


Important dates:

- 01 Nov 2011Applications Open

- 31 Jan 2012Applications Close

- 13 feb 2012Teams Notified

- 23 Mar 2012Program Start

- 15 Jun 2012Demo Day

- 16 Jun 2012Start After Program

- 03 Sep 2012Rockstart Road Trip


The Program:


We support 10 startups for 100 days, backed by 99 mentors in the main European startup hub: Amsterdam.


The Rockstart Accelerator program starts March 23rd, 2012 and consists of two program elements:


– The 100-day Spring Program is focused on challenging assumptions and building your startup while being coached by rock star entrepreneurs, CEO’s and experts in your field.
– Additionally, the three-month Summer Program for selected startups supports you in closing funding, building an international fan base, 25-days of co-working in Silicon Valley, and gaining serious market traction.


Spring 2012


The 100 day Spring Program consists of three phases:


1. Tune (week 1-4):


Startups go through an intensive iteration phase strongly focused on mentor/investor feedback. Main assumptions about product and market are challenged. Teams fine-tune, re-shape and adapt their business.


2. Practice (week 5-11):


Startups focus on product development, their business model, and value proposition. Testing prototype / Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with potential customers and getting valuable feedback.


3. On Stage (week 12-14):


Startups prepare products for launch, Demo Day, fundraising, customer acquisition. Pitches and product demos are prepared.


Demo Day


This is not X Factor. This is Rockstart. Time to show what you’ve learned, what you’ve built and how you’re going to disrupt your industry. We fill the stadium; you’ll be pitching to over 100 leading investors, VCs, influencers and the press.


Summer 2012


The additional three-month Summer Program consists of three phases:




4. On the air (week 1-4):


After the 100-day Spring Program, you will be at a critical point in your development and growth. This is why we continue to provide intensive support for all 10 teams for an additional 100 days. Additional fundraising, customer acquisition and PR are just a few things you need to excel in when building a successful, international company. We provide workshops and coaching on these and other important subjects, as well as help you choose the right partners and advisors for your company.


5. Gearing up (week 5-8):


In August we will prepare you to succeed in international markets. Raising interest, closing funding and doing business in the U.S. requires a different approach than in Europe. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis into amping up your pitching and your networking skills, so you’re ready to take the next step.


6. Road trip (week 9-12)


In September, the CEOs of the 10 startups go to Silicon Valley to break through in the US market. The teams will pitch to leading VCs, Angels and serial entrepreneurs to gain interest for Round A and B investments, establish partnerships, or acquire large customers. As a result of this program, you will have made at least 2 years of progress in 6 months, built a powerful network of fans and agents – and learned lessons that will last you a lifetime.

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