Online Course: Covering global religious conflict


Deadline:September 21, 2011

Join a select group of journalists throughout the world in a new online seminar sharing insights, resources and strategies for reporting on religious tensions throughout the world.



“Covering Global Religious Conflict,” a six-week seminar offered by the International Center for Journalists from Oct. 10 to Nov. 18, will critically examine effective ways of reporting on religious conflicts.


The goal is to bring together the most up-to-date research and reporting with a group of dedicated international journalists determined to work together in dialogue to provide fair and accurate coverage of sensitive issues in religion that transcend national boundaries. Together, we have the resources and the on-the-ground experience to provide our audiences with a rich, nuanced understanding of issues from the role of religion in the Arab spring to the sources of civil war in West Africa to the far-reaching effects of the burning of a holy book in Florida.




  • Explore coverage of religious conflict around the world, sharing a wide range of professional approaches.
  • Examine up-to-the-minute case studies of religious conflict from the Middle East to West Africa to Europe to the United States. The seminar will be flexible in responding to the latest news related to religion demanding the world’s attention. Several examples of international reporting and online conversations will challenge participants to become the best in the field in understanding and writing about religious tensions.
  • Receive objective tools for covering conflict through access to sources and the latest international research. Online tutorials will offer step-by-step help to guide reporters to relevant data.
  • Explore the political cultural and economic - as well as the religious – reasons for conflicts that are often too narrowly defined in one category. Particular attention will be paid to objective indicators of religious freedom.
  • Discuss ethical issues in reporting on conflict, from the need to tell all sides of a story to the practical concerns of reporters’ personal and job safety in challenging editorial and cultural attitudes in their own countries.
  • Explore the importance of the careful choice of language in describing religious groups and issues.
  • Develop collegial partnerships for international reporters to work together.




The course, which will be offered in English and Arabic, is designed to be a lasting resource for journalists leading the field in excellence in religion writing and reporting. Several participants also will be invited to a conference in Europe early next year to further work on ways to promote international cooperation in religion journalism.


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