Project Idea

The goal :

To Provide youth with access to local and global opportunities, cross-cultural connections and meaningful participation in decision-making.

Brief Background :

The new Palestinian generation has access to the internet, and loves to travel. This could be beneficial to catch up with today’s new opportunities such as scholarships, training and fellowships.

Project description:

The Project is a website applying dynamic properties; the contents will promote a new methodology of learning :


1. Learning: youth should gain knowledge and learn from the available resources around the world, this could be a formal or informal education which is needed both to enhance youth knowledge and skills' leadership characteristics.

2. Connecting: as a result of sharing knowledge,The youth starts to connect with other youth and networks around the world.

3. Action: youth will be enabled to take action by leading initiatives after gaining the knowledge and skills and create their own networks and relations around the world, such actions can reflect positively on social needs


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