Step in EuroMed: Challenges in Euromediterranean cooperation

Deadline: March 30, 2012

The group will reflect about the specificities of working in EuroMed and how the cultural and social background has to be taken into account in order to develop an effective training.


Aims and objectives

- To experiment and be acquainted about the peculiar social and cultural background of Euromed Cooperation;

- To support the professional development of youth workers and youth leaders at first experience in EuroMed, about how to design a training activity taking into account all the specificities of Euro Mediterranean context;

- To promote cooperation and to prepare the building of partnerships between participants.

-  To explore with participants what are the peculiarities in working in EuroMed;

- To explore with participants what is the learning curve of an international training course;

- To provide and/or to extend the participants' skills in conceive and design a EuroMed training activity;

- To increase participants' knowledge about group dynamics within International groups;

- To reflect about intercultural learning curve within Euro-Mediterranean working groups and with young people;

- To explore with participants the Euro med dimension in Youth projects;

- To provide and/or to extend participants' knowledge about EuroMed Youth Programme IV and Youth in Action Programme(Action 3).


Target group:

 The training course is designed for youth workers and youth leaders from both sides of Mediterranean Sea who:

 - want to develop and implement a project within the EuroMed region;

- Are beginners in EuroMed Youth Programme IV and/or in Youth in Action programme (Action 3);

 - Are directly involved in youth activities;

 - Are supported by their organisations.


 Dates and Venue:

14-20 May 2012, Portugal


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