Trust EuroMed Youth:#proactive #employment #future

Deadline: 10 september, 2012

Seminar focus on sefl-employability and social economy as broad concepts that cover different type of activities of youth organisations and international organisations which provide frameworks and grants for international work activities.


Trust EuroMed Youth: #proactive #employment #future will provide participants with new tools, methods to work and to develop projects within the EuroMed Youth IV programme and the Youth in Action Programme that foster the awareness of the importance to be active and proactive in building their own competencies within the labour market.
In fact, the employment is becoming in all the EuroMed area a big issue liked to the worldwide financial crisis, but also the "demographic bulge" in the Mediterranean countries and the global social incertitude.
The social situation of young people on both Mediterranean sides is really challenging one and need specific competencies for better analyse and understand the future perspective in the labour market and professional development.
The seminar will analyse the role of youth facing the economical changes with a specific focus:

- European/international framework and employability: political situation, youth situation.
- Intro about the EU situation employability and entrepreneurship.
- Intro about the MEDA situation on employability and entrepreneurship
- Regional Policy, Regional situation in Tenerife


The activity will provide participants the possibility to exchange their own experiences and good practises about self-employability and social economy.
The NGOs and youth organisations will have possibility to compare and analyse their experiences about the support measures for the employability of young people.
The seminar will provide participants the possibility to reinforce and build new partnerships able to develop national and international strategies.


Aims and objectives:
This activity aims to set a real opportunity for European and Mediterranean organizations to share and discuss about the role of youth in the society and in the economical life and to create reliable partnerships.


The specific objectives will be:


• To promote the exchange of good practices about employability between Mediterranean and E.U. countries
• To present the social situation of youth in Europe and Mediterranean countries
• To share about Youth Policy in the Euro Mediterranean Area linked to the topic of employability and seflemployability
• To offer good tools and practices in EuroMed
• To reinforce the cooperation between E.U. and Mediterranean countries in the frame of the youth field
• To establish and develop networking between the participating organisations


Target group


The target group will come from different countries (from Programme Countries and from Meda countries), but also from different fields/backgrounds (representatives of entreprises, representatives of social economy, young entrepreneurs, social workers, youth leaders, representatives of institutions involved in supporting youth ....) and their discussions will be a collective contribution to the important issue of the Employability nowadays as factor of Social Inclusion.


Working language: English


Dates of the seminar: 4-9 of November, 4 arrivals, 9 departure.

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