Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum 2013

Deadline: 21 December, 2012

The Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum  is a unique gathering that brings together youth leaders and civil society organisations, in addition to influential policy-makers and intercultural experts from across the Euro-Mediterranean region.

5th United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Vienna

Deadline: November 1, 2012

On February 27-28, 2013, the 5th UNAOC Forum will take place in Vienna, at the invitation of the Government of Austria. The Forum will explore on how responsible leadership can make a difference.

Rhodes Youth Forum 2012 III Annual Session

Deadline: July 15, 2012

More than 100 young people interested in active participation in public life, concerned about the current challenges to humanity, tended to fulfillment by implementing social projects and their personal intellectual efforts.

India Youth Forum 2012

Deadline: 1 February, 2012

Welcome to the India Youth Forum 2012. We are delighted at your interest in our work and we hope you will help us create a better and more sustainable future, not only for ourselves but for our descendants.

المؤتمر السنوي العاشر لمؤسسة الفكر العربي

ماذا بعد الربيع؟

هو عنوان المؤتمر السنوي العاشر لمؤسّسة الفكر العربي (فكر) الذي سيعقد في الخامس والسادس والسابع من ديسمبر المقبل في دبي، متطرّقاً إلى صميم الحدث، معبّرًا عن هواجس صنّاع الربيع العربي، والراصدين له، والمتفائلين به، وكذلك بالطبع المتوجّسين من تبعاته

Call for applications -Youth Journalists and Bloggers- 7th UNESCO Youth Forum

Deadline: September 15, 2011

UNESCO offers five young journalists and bloggers the opportunity to participate in the 7th Youth Forum of the 36th UNESCO General Conference, taking place in Paris from 17 to 20 October 2011.

Alexandria Education Convention For Intercultural And Democratic Citizenship

This programme would aim to promote and raise the awareness of universal values of human rights, democracy and the rights and responsibilities as citizens; increase democratic attitudes, skills, participation and intercultural citizenship within the Euromed societies

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